I am an enthusiastic traveller from Cape Town, South Africa whose wanderlust has taken me all over the world including working/living in different cities such as New York, USA and Dublin, Ireland.  I love the  natural beauty, history, art, culture, people, food and all the adventure activities that are available to explore in each new place.

I spend so much time swimming in the sea (and other swim spots) that I am practically a fish. But on my better days I like to think of myself as a mermaid. My main sport is open water swimming and I attribute my swimming experiences to further cultivating my passion for adventure.

This blog chronicles my travel and swimming adventures (past and present) providing the unvarnished truth of my journey to inspire others to have their own adventures. I am not the best traveller: I struggle to pack light, I hate a backpack, I like my creature comforts and I mostly plan my travel at the last minute.  Often I feel like “a fish out of water” in the new and unfamiliar surroundings but some how I always manage to have the best time. I also always manage to find some water to swim in whether it is in a sea, a dam, a river, under a waterfall or in a frozen pond.