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Gritty Women

Last weekend I participated in a photo shoot in my swim bikini for some stock photos under the theme of “gritty women of sport”. The production company approached our open water swimming group and I thought it sounded like a... Continue Reading →

That time I swam from Llandudno to Camps Bay

I stared out deep in thought looking towards the cityscape before me while we motored along the coast on the boat from the Waterfront past Mouille Point, Sea Point, Bantry Bay... towards our final destination of Llandudno. Cape Town looked... Continue Reading →


The Seli-1 was a Turkish Bulk cargo carrier transporting oil and coal that ran aground in Bloubergstrand, Cape Town in September, 2009. After some lingering environmental issues, including a fire in 2010, Seli-1 was eventually dismantled in 2013 and the... Continue Reading →

Adventure Swim: Oudekraal to Koel Bay (Cape Town) twice

My criteria for an “adventure swim” classification is purposefully a bit vague. It usually includes some sort of new and unchartered swim territory, an element of risk and an attitude of exploration. My recent two Oudekraal-to-Koel Bay (distance about 2.7km)... Continue Reading →

Irish swimming (2016)

In August 2016, I participated in the 97th Liffey Swim: a 2.2km swim down the Liffey River through the centre of Dublin from the Guinness Brewery to the Customs House under 12 bridges. The first Liffey Swim was hosted on 22nd July... Continue Reading →

Cape Point Swim (15 March 2015)

We had finally finished our swim and I crawled onto the floor of Arend’s boat with towels wrapped around me and began sobbing uncontrollably. I was overwhelmed by the shock of the last 1.5 hours of swimming through blue-bottle-infested waters... Continue Reading →

Robben Island Crossing 2.0 (8 February 2015)

5:30am. I am on my balcony sipping my coffee and staring hopefully out as the dark fog slowly envelopes the buildings towards the bottom end of Vredehoek. It looks menacing and a part of me hopes that today’s Robben Island crossing... Continue Reading →

Robben Island Crossing (4 January 2014)

On Saturday, 4 January 2014 I completed my first Robben Island crossing, swimming from Robben Island to Big Bay, Blouberg for a total distance of 8km in a time of 3h19min. The water temperature was a consistent 14 degree Celsius and I complied with the open water... Continue Reading →

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