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North America

Once upon a time in Mexico

Once upon a time in Mexico, in the western coastal town of Puerto Vallarta, I went on my "honeymoon". There we were with other "couples", couples who were getting married, on honeymoon or celebrating their anniversaries in a five-star all-inclusive private... Continue Reading →

Blame Canada or Toronto for a long weekend

If you have ever tasted icewine, you will know that it tastes like angels' tears from heaven: honeyed drops of sweet, golden deliciousness.... Icewine is called the yellow gold of Canada and was one of my delightful discoveries on my recent trip to... Continue Reading →

Gentle people with flowers in their hair (San Francisco)

I went to San Francisco with high hopes of seeing some middle-aged hippies, relics of the '60s and '70s, still clinging onto their make-love-not-war-flower-people ideals. Instead I encountered SF, as the commercial tourist mecca of the West coast, far removed... Continue Reading →

L.A. story

My L.A. Story beings at 6:30am on a Saturday morning when Steve, Angie and I were off early, to beat the notorious L.A. traffic, for wine-tasting in Santa Barbara (home of that infamous soap opera). Beautiful hills, miles of vineyards and after 9... Continue Reading →

No fear and loathing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the seediest, trashiest, excessive, techni-coloured-humming-slot-machined-filled place that I have ever been to... from the slouched wrinkly grandmothers in their wheel chairs playing the slot machines, the obese tourists waddling to the next buffet line, the middle-aged women with leopard... Continue Reading →

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