Tales of a Fish Out of Water



Norway and the Northern Lights

For my last big adventure of 2016, I travelled to the small ski resort town of Hemsedal in Norway. Hemsedal is about a 3-hour bus ride north of Oslo and is a popular place to ski for the Norwegian locals.... Continue Reading →

Fluctuat nec mergtur

I heard the expression “fluctuat nec mergtur” for the first time from our French tour guide while waiting in the line for the Eiffel tower. It is the motto of the city of Paris and basically means: “She is tossed... Continue Reading →


Amsterdam has a somewhat dubious reputation as the city of “coffee” shops and the red light district but for me those are just expressions of its liberal and modern society. It’s the capital city of the bicycle, stroop wafels, pancakes,... Continue Reading →

Scotland – For the Brave of Heart

Scottish History 101 Scotland’s history is similar to Ireland’s with Romans, Vikings and the constant battle against English dominance. I loved the movie Brave Heart that portrayed Scotland’s struggle for independence against England around the 13th Century in epic Hollywood... Continue Reading →

Northern Ireland – Myths and Legends

Irish History 101 Most of my knowledge of Ireland’s history before I lived in Ireland was informed by the movies. The 1845-52 potato famine where the poor in Ireland left in their droves for a better life in the new... Continue Reading →

The luck of the Irish

I went on a 10-day tour of Ireland before I lived in Dublin many year later. It gave me a good introduction to the warm and beautiful country. We started the tour of Ireland spending a day in Dublin, then... Continue Reading →

Italy – Beware of Friday the 17th

In Italy the number 17 is an unlucky number. When viewed as the Roman numeral, XVII, it is then changed anagrammatically to VIXI, which in the Latin language it translates to "I have lived", the perfect tense implying "My life... Continue Reading →

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