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What to bring to S.E. Asia

These are my top things to bring on any trip to S.E. Asia and they can't fit into a backpack. Humour When you haven’t showered in two days, your sweaty hair is plastered to the side of our face, your... Continue Reading →

Contemplative, Colourful, Captivating Cambodia

I spent over a week in Cambodia in my SE Asia adventure, between Laos and before going back to Thailand. It was one of my favourite countries. TOP 10 OF CAMBODIA: 1. Angkor Wat and archeological park We woke up... Continue Reading →

Lovely, luscious, leisurely Laos

Laos is a land-locked country and former protectorate of France and is currently strongly economically influenced by China and Vietnam. Politically Laos is a one-party socialist state ruled by the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP). When I was discussing the... Continue Reading →

Thrilling, tasty, tantalizing Thailand (Part II)

After Cambodia I went back to Thailand for some beaches. I spent the last 8 days or so of my S.E. Asia holiday in Khao Lak, Thailand swimming in the warmest of waters (30 degrees). Please see my top 5... Continue Reading →

Thrilling, Tasty, Tantalizing Thailand (Part I)

TOP 10 of THAILAND (PART 1): 1. Yi Peng and Loi Krathong festival of lights in Chiang Mai We were very privileged to be in Chiang Mai for the annual Yi Peng and Loi Krathong festivals of lights (which dates... Continue Reading →

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