Little Lion’s Head is the koppie right above Llandudno offering panoramic views of Chapman’s Peak, Hout Bay, Karbonkel Berg, Sandy Bay and Llandudno. It’s a much easier hike than its big brother, Lion’s Head, with only about a 30-minute scramble to the top but the best part is that we only encountered one other person on our way up.

The access to Little Lion’s Head is a bit tricky because it is located in a gated secure area that requires you to be buzzed in by security guards who are monitoring the gate via a video camera.  The parking is at the top of Valley View Drive, Mount Rhodes, Hout Bay. There are also strict opening and closing times. Summer is from about 6h00-20h00 and winter is from about 8h00-18h30.

The hike starts off gently on a tarred road and after a few hundred metres you find a path directly up the koppie to the left.  And it’s straight up with lots of loose rocks. Eventually you hit the larger rock section and although there are cairns supposedly leading the way, you end up making your own way to the top. It’s a bit of amateur rock climbing and a lot of fun. There are no chains or foot/hand holds here so it’s all at your own risk and you just have to be careful.

It’s definitely a high pay off hike with a little bit of exertion, some fun rock scrambling and then absolutely spectacular views. And obviously not the millions of people that plague Lion’s Head. Not once did I get a “helpful” person telling me that “I am almost there” as I was wheezing my way to the top of the summit. Nor did I have to wait in a queue to take my classic hiking Instagram capture as I always have to do at Lion’s Head.