On a rainy Sunday afternoon, three friends decided to venture out to the relatively new Silo Hotel in the Waterfront, Cape Town. The Silo Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel in a reclaimed grain silo operating six floors above the soon to be opened Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art (to be opened in September 2017).

Due to the rain, the popular roof top bar was closed but I made my way into the Willaston Bar on the 6th floor. The Willaston Bar has an extensive but super expensive cocktail menu. The décor is lush with purple and blue octagonal shaped chairs, medieval chandeliers and three-dimensional geometric windows with sweeping views from Green Point Stadium to Devil’s Peak.

The Willaston Bar

Fortunately, I had driven up to the main entrance of the hotel and made use of the free valet parking to make my way straight up to the bar. My friends, who arrived a few minutes after me, had drivendown to the basement parking and were initially told via a snooty intercom that the bar was full. Both of them were not let up. They were able to negotiate their way in because I was already there. The Willaston Bar does not take reservations and so rocking up there knowing that they may decide that the bar is too full or crowded is a bit risky. Also this must will be impossible when we hit the peak summer season again.

Despite the bumpy start, we genuinely had a good time and lots of fun (as always). The setting is just beyond gorgeous and the bar had a good and relaxed vibe. The staff were incredibly warm, friendly and professional representing all the best the South African service industry has to offer.

So, I will be back. Definitely to check out the new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art. And in Summer for the Roof Top Bar armed with a reservation so that my friends don’t have to risk being kicked out. But my advice is just walk in there like you should be there and it will be fine.

Geometric windows