I finally made it to a Thursday night market at Cape Point Vineyards in Noordhoek. It only took me about 8 years after it had opened. I missed the summer season so there was no rolling about drinking wine (or drunk) on the lawns with a spectacular sunset. Instead, I got broody clouds and eventually we moved indoors (we get cold in Cape Town at 18 degrees Celsius). But it still offered the panoramic views down to Noordhoek beach while we were surrounded by vineyards and mountains. My reward was far less crowds and more time to scope out all the foods and the few craft items available.

Cool grater things

The Thursday night market runs throughout the year and is open from 4:30-8:30pm offering a wide range of options for the foodie enthusiasts. Come with a crowd (unlike other markets in Cape Town, this one seems crowd friendly). It also seems kid friendly because there is outdoor space for the kids to roam and I made a note of the decent-sized jungle-gym for my mommy friends. Browse all the options from potjiekos, to veggie burgers, to gyros, to sushi and then some. Order some wine or, like I did, some cloudy apple cider (which was far too delicious) and spend a good hour or two eating, drinking, laughing and sharing in the beautiful scenery.

Classic Canapes

If you can’t make it to the Thursday night market, Cape Point Vineyards also offers wine tasting, a fancy restaurant and picnic baskets. I almost went for the picnic basket option on a weekend day but the call of another Cape Town market was too strong. And the market eating is possibly the most affordable option. We were able to get a decent veggie burger for only R30. My gyro was on the pricier end of the scale at R80 but it was delicious.

I liked that the Cape Point Vineyards are relatively accessible being close to Oukaapseweg. I also thought that the crowd was a very relaxed crowd of all different ages. So the verdict is. Scenery = Stunning. Food = Yum yum. Cloudy Apple Cider = ooops. Crowd = relaxed. I will definitely be back.

Vineyard Views