On a warmish afternoon in the Cape Town autumn, we decided to drive out to the tidal pool located some where on the Cape Peninsula. The tidal pool is a decent size and has magnificent views of the ocean, but its standout feature is its super duper slide.

Chilling (literally) in the tidal pool

Fortunately, one of the “super powers” that I have developed is the ability to swim in the cold Atlantic ocean throughout the year. This has taken years of being a dedicated open water swimmer and swimming regularly at the local beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton.  It is an essential ability to have as a Capetownian to properly enjoy our beautiful beaches. There is nothing better than an icy dip in the sea, running out and warming up while lying on the soft sand under the hot summer sun.

Enjoying the view from the other side

I was very quickly in the tidal pool, up and down the slide, swimming across to the other side and marvelling at its beauty. This is while my friend (Lindsay), in her jeans, jersey and scarf, laughed at me and took pictures. But the best thing about it was that no-one else was there.

How magical is this spot?

And so while the intention of my blog is to inspire people to explore their own neighbourhoods, city, country and the world… somethings, like a good romance, are nice to keep a bit closer to the heart and secret. Although I am sure with a bit of internet detective work and Googling most people, who really wanted to go there, could work it out and I hope that you do. But I definitely plan to share this gem of a spot with friends and family in summer when everyone (and not crazy cold water swimmers like me) can enjoy it.