I have heard about the indoor climbing walls at CityRock in Observatory, Cape Town for a few years now but I did not realise that it has been around since forever. My one friend told us a charming story about a boyfriend of hers in High School who invited her there on a date over 10 years ago just to watch him climb. No offer to teach her to climb. Apparently it should be enough for her to sit silently in admiration watching his muscles ripple as he swung from one hand-hold to the next. Needless to say he was an ex-boyfriend.

Like my friend, I am not one to sit on the sidelines, so I was keen to give climbing at CityRock a go. To encourage myself to do it, it ended up as an activity on my Cape Town to-do list which I have been slowly ticking off. So I organised to meet at CityRock with a climbing friend, Charlie, so that she could show me the ropes (forgive the pun).

Charlie in action.

I had to hire special climbing shoes and a chalk bag but then we were off. Traversing around the fake rock handholds in the middle, bouldering up walls and eyeing the higher rock climbing walls. The higher walls required harnesses and either an experienced climber or an advance 2-day booking for a staff member to belay you. Belaying sadly is not as sexy as it sounds… It is merely a climbing partner who stands at the bottom of the wall, holding the climbing rope which is attached to your harness, and assists in managing the tension in the rope to ensure that you don’t fall too far but can also climb easily.

I did not anticipate that climbing would be such a workout though. It was exhausting and we had to take regular breaks. But it was so much fun with a definite playful element and felt as if I was a child again exploring new territory. I can easily recommend this as an activity to all Capetownians, young and old (well not too old), and great for winter when the rain and the cold keeps you indoors.

Definitely something I will do again and maybe next time I can even find some-one to belay me πŸ˜‰

Me trying to climb

For more details see the CityRock website: http://cityrock.co.za/