First on my Cape Town to-do list was Wally’s Cave because (1) it is a free activity, (2) it is close to where I live and (3) I had heard it was a relatively short hike. When starting to tick off a to-do list, it’s always best to go for the quick wins.

Wally’s Cave is a beautiful scenic spot on the side of Lion’s Head where you can take a picture in the cave of a tastefully crafted silhouette against Table Mountain in the background. My random survey of a few Capetownians revealed that most of them had not been to this spot. All of them, like me, had been up Lion’s Head but had not bothered to take the detour to Wally’s Cave with the result that none of us knew where it was.

Chilling on Clifton 4th looking towards Lion’s Head. Where is Wally’s cave?

Google revealed two different routes. Route 1 (aka the “easier” route) involved some dodgy description about going left at the first set of chains up the Lion’s Head route and climbing over a barbed wire fence. Hmmmm…. Suspect. Or Route 2 (aka the “harder” route) was the more direct route up the path opposite the second bench that was also along the normal Lion’s head hike.

My Wally’s Cave intrepid explorer (Greg) and I decided to go for the more direct route which was easy to find. Just keep a look out for the path as you ascend the main Lion’s Head route and you will see the cave on the side of Lion’s Head facing side-on to Table Mountain. The hike there-and-back took us about an hour with some time for our practically professional-looking shots. We laughed our way through them trying to get those poses with many unflattering shots being deleted. But it was so much fun.

Greg hanging out in Wally’s Cave

Greg was able to get back in time for a shower and work and I was able to get back to whatever it is that I do. The best part was that Wally’s Cave was not as packed as Lion’s Head so there was plenty of time for us to hang out in the cave. We even planned some epic ledge hanging shots for next time (don’t tell my mom).

If you are short on time, do Wally’s Cave alone and if not, combine it after a Lion’s Head summit, so that you feel you had more of a hike. Early morning sunrise is popular but Wally’s Cave also can be done really at any time of day. Essential is a camera and especially a camera phone for easy uploads of those pics. Also bring some water because even though it’s a short hike, it’s a steep one. Greg purposefully left his water bottle in the car (claiming he would be fine), but he ended up asking for some of mine #beprepared#justsaying. But seriously, thank you to my partner-in-crime Greg for helping me tick off this item off my to-do list so quickly.

Me jumping around in Wally's Cave
Me jumping around in Wally’s Cave