Once upon a time in Mexico, in the western coastal town of Puerto Vallarta, I went on my “honeymoon”. There we were with other “couples”, couples who were getting married, on honeymoon or celebrating their anniversaries in a five-star all-inclusive private beach resort complete with palm trees, warm water and magnificent sunsets… so romantic. It was paradise. It was everything I dreamed that my honeymoon would be… except for having my mother with me instead of a husband.
Daily activities included swimming in the ocean, drinking cocktails in the pool, tanning, massages, having tequila shots (FYI… the right way to drink tequila shots is not to lead with salt but with a tomato sangria and there is also a special breathing technique) and 3 course meals. Special activities included swimming with dolphins, releasing baby turtles into the ocean, going on a jungle tour, boat trips to private islands and snorkelling off an island’s reef.
Fortunately, the accountant’s daughters heart was soothed by the affordability of the trip. June to November is the off-season aka hurricane or wet season in Mexico and the prices are generally much less than peak season – there was no rain or hurricanes for us. Tourists have also been scared off of Mexico because of the increase in drug related violence in the Mexico-US border towns, so luxury hotels have been offering massive discounts.
Overall I loved the warm water,  relaxed atmosphere and natural beauty of Mexico. What a beautiful country with beautiful people. Not a bad place for a honeymoon.