If you have ever tasted icewine, you will know that it tastes like angels’ tears from heaven: honeyed drops of sweet, golden deliciousness…. Icewine is called the yellow gold of Canada and was one of my delightful discoveries on my recent trip to Toronto, Canada, to visit my aunt and uncle. It originated in Germany and was brought over to Canada around the early 1980s. Making icewine involves a complicated process of distilling the juice from grapes frozen at a certain temperature, so that the water is frozen leaving the concentrated sugar and other solids behind.
We went on an outing to the magnificent Niagara falls and wine tasting in the quaint area of Niagara-by-the-lake. Besides the usual reds and whites, every vineyard in the region had their speciality of icewine. I became a big fan with each glass tasting better and better as the day and the tastings went on 🙂
I was very impressed with Toronto. It’s a charming blend of efficient modernization and old world values. I rode my first ever double-decker train into the city, went up the CN tower and lay on the glass floor, enjoyed the trolleys all around town, ate dim sum in China town and went shopping for organic food products with the hippies in Kensington market. The highlight for me was a ferry ride to the islands just a few minutes from the city on Lake Ontario. My aunt and I zipped around the island on a two-seater quadricycle and almost took a wrong turn onto a nudist beach on the island.
Canada is a massive country with vast open spaces and i am glad I got to at least experience a taste of it by exploring Toronto.