Las Vegas is the seediest, trashiest, excessive, techni-coloured-humming-slot-machined-filled place that I have ever been to… from the slouched wrinkly grandmothers in their wheel chairs playing the slot machines, the obese tourists waddling to the next buffet line, the middle-aged women with leopard print tops, spandex pants and golden scrunches drawing life-giving-breaths through their cigarettes, to a bride fixing her veil in the public restroom… and I loved it!!
I flew there on Thursday night for the 4th-of-July long weekend. We stayed at the fabulous Bellagio hotel, right in the middle of the strip. Days were spent touring hotels and casinos, eating late brunches, chilling by the pool while waitresses in skimpy bikinis brought us drinks, gambling, going to shows etc. etc. The best restaurant I went to was Alize at the top of the Palms Resort (set sightly back from the strip) with an amazing view of the desert mountains, the surrounding city of Las Vegas and the strip itself, including an awesome 4th of July fireworks display. I also managed to see a Las Vegas classic Cirque de Soleil show, the one I saw was called “Love”, dedicated to the life and music of the Beatles, it was extravagant, OTT and spectacular.
I think I found Las Vegas so appealing because it felt like I was at some exotic destination, experiencing a new culture, with limitless potential for decadence and immorality…  a place where you could do whatever you want and judgements are strictly forbidden. But as they say… what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas 😉