The African continent is vast with 54 counties from the desert-like countries to the North like Morocco and Egypt, to the massive economic giant of Nigeria to the best and most beautiful (I am obviously biased) country in the world, South Africa which deserves its own category.

As I child I went on two amazing road trip holidays with my family to Namibia and to Zimbabwe. I didn’t write an account of my travels then but the memories of the amazing sights and adventures of those countries have stayed with me for a life time. I hope, in time, to recapture those memories and write up a proper account of our time there recalling all of the highlights. Whether these are still accessible to the current day traveller is questionable.

We also went on two island family holidays in the East of Africa: Comoros and Mauritius which are both situated in the warm Indian ocean and represent a tropical paradise for any traveller.

At University, I went on a10-day tour of Egypt with my parents. As a lover of all things historical it was a fascinating place to visit and the scale of the historical significance was difficult to process. We saw it all, from Cairo, to Luxor, cruising on the nile, to Aswan. I also hope to write up a proper account of my time there. And like Zimbabwe, Egypt has also experienced a struggling tourism industry after the Arab spring and political unrest.